Payroll Information

Indentify a candidate you would like to employ and send them to our Adundant Solutions office.

Provide start information such as pay, hours, and other requirements.

Submit timecards to every Monday.

It's as simple as that!

Benefits for you

The payroll provider assumes employer responsibilities, including all government mandated compliance, Workman's Compensation Insurance, tax withholdings, background reports, 10 panel drug screening, and full coverage insurance is offered.

Your company is protected from he liability by using a payroll service provider for temporary hires made on their own.

We allow our clients to identify, screen and select candidates to be paid through our payroll services.

Our commitment to being the best means

Rapid response to our clients staffing needs

Consistently providing the highest caliber of candidates.

Keeping honesty & integrity as a cornerstone of our business.

Constant flow of communication with every client.